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The Evolving World Of Executive Recruitment

I just received a new report from AESC which offers, true to its title ‘Executive Search in Transition’, an overview of the changing global executive search industry. The report is based on a survey of 200 members of the association. AESC, you may recall, is one of the few professional associations that regularly produce reports on the state of the executive recruitment industry. Often, in their studies the sample size for the Australian market is small. But I think the findings in the latest report has immense relevance to the Australian market. Besides, there aren’t many studies that addresses the perspectives of executive search firms. 

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Atlassian Innovates Recruitment Process

imageLast month I ran into Joris Luijke at the AHRI conference where we briefly discussed about his new plans to work with recruitment firms. Atlassian revealed their new engagement process last week.

Atlassian, of course, is not new to innovating their HR/recruitment processes. When you are growing at great speed, there is little choice, but to innovate. Trial and error often rules the roost, but a key driving force for Joris is ‘not wasting time’. Running a team of three and servicing offices in three continents is no easy task. It’s easy to see why Atlassian frequently experiment. Standing still is not an option.

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Listed Recruitment Companies on the ASX

I am dabbling with a set of tools to monitor the collective health of the Australian recruitment sector. One of the tools is a time series index to track the progress of recruitment firms listed on the ASX.

To my knowledge, there are about 18 companies listed on the ASX who are either directly or indirectly involved in the business of recruitment. Below is a list of companies whose main business is providing recruitment or related services:  

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Has Using a Recruitment Firm Lost its Value?

The good folks at IQPC (organisers of the recruitment and retention conference) sent me the results of a survey they conducted at their conference last year. One of the questions attendees were asked was whether recruitment firms still offer value.

The attendees voted. The verdict?

Not unlike the recent hung parliament delivered by a divided electorate, opinion on recruiters is evenly split, with 38% agreeing or strongly agreeing that they add value, and 41.6% disagreeing or strongly disagreeing.

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Raise your Voice

We started the VOICES project to give voice to the voiceless, so to speak. Our brief was to encourage recruitment firms to collectively raise their voices on various client-supplier issues. The response has been encouraging.

Here’s what Justin Babet, MD, Xpand has to say:

I believe that most tenders are way too long. What’s really important is track record, proven results and the ability to work together as a team.

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Voices: Calling Recruiters to Help Improve Supplier-Client Relationship With Employers

How can employers and recruiters work together more efficiently? What processes are broken and require fixes? How can the client-supplier relationship in the recruitment industry be improved?

Of course, there are no easy answers. It’s my hunch, though, that the vast majority of friction between employers and recruiters occur mainly because both groups understand very little of how the other operates. At Destination Talent we wanted to start addressing the many challenges and problems inherent in the client-supplier relationship. To begin with, we are going to mobilise and present the perspective (voices) of the recruitment community. To that end, we are inviting recruiters to voice their opinion on how to improve a wide range of issues including:

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Six Reports for Recruiters to Read

Age Diversity Report
It is a well documented fact that Australia lags other developed economies in mature age participation rate . According to the ACS age discrimination is rampant in the ICT sector, especially affecting those 45 years and older; worryingly ageism appears to be deeply ingrained in business culture. ACS’s frustration is understandable given the continuing shortage of skills the ICT sector grapples with. The ACS points the blame equally on employers and recruiters, but also offer recommendations on how to address the problem. Download the report here.

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Job Vacancies Increases; bodes Well for the Recruitment Industry

This year, like  2009, our industry will be greatly affected by something none of us have any real control over – the economy.  But 2010 looks promising. All the major indices are showing signs of progress.

According to the ANZ’s job series jobs advertised on print grew by 11.6% during December. Online job ads also grew by 5.6%.  Similarly, the DEEWR vacancy Index also showed signs of consistent recovery. The chart below traced the uptick in jobs advertised on print media across the nation. Print advertising has increased steadily since June 09. Curiously, growth in online job ads aren’t as impressive. Still, it is good to welcome the new year with strong signs of recovery.

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Give before you take

CareerBuilder produced this e-book. It accomplished three things:

  • It’s topical and useful. Even in the age of Google, good search technique is important.
  • It’s a case of being generous; a genuine attempt to help. It’s good strategy.
  • It’s smart marketing. No hard sell; registration not required. Easily spread.

The point is, it’s always better to give something of value before you can ask anything in return.

Aviary img-icbdr-com Picture 1

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Recruiters Seeking Relevance In a Connected World

Aviary main-susanhiresaboss-com Picture 1

In a flash of brilliance, Susan decided she wanted to hire a boss. A website is created, buzz is generated using social media. Employers noticed, connections made and Susan got hired (Here’s the story).

Is the above example an exception or will it be the new norm?

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Success for recruiters is strategic not tactical

Some of the most successful recruiters that I’ve encountered have very little to do with social media.

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Opportunity for recruiters to stand out

Conversations on Whirlpool are raw, honest and seldom kind to recruiters. Are recruiters worthless? One of the most popular forums asked. The answer:


The graph, with all its flaws (I suspect many of the respondents are job seekers), presents two immediate opportunities for recruitment firms:

1) An opportunity to be different. Majority of employers (at least those who took the survey), rightly or wrongly, have a negative opinion of recruiters. In other words, many employers are yet to encounter a recruitment firm who ‘wowed’ them. So, why not be the first? Why be banded with the rest of the competition?

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How to hire team leaders – conversation with James Adonis

Armed with a sharp focus (team leader recruitment) and a brilliant marketing strategy, we thought is a breath of fresh air. Recently, we broke bread with James Adonis, co-founder/director of and international expert on employee engagement, and he sheds some light on his background, company and how to find ‘good team leaders’.

James can be reached at or + 61 402 334 987

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Call centre recruitment – Q&A with Linda Simonsen (FuturePeople)

How would you address a staff turnover rate of 49% or higher?

Staff turnover is the main challenge facing most employers and HR practitioners in the Australian call centre industry. According to the 2008 Australian Contact Centre Industry Benchmarking Study, staff turnover in the call centre industry rose from 35% in 2007 to 49% in 2008 (even higher in sectors like transport and freight). Heavily populated by Generation Y, who doesn’t see their jobs as a full-time career, the industry is plagued by rampant attrition; costing employers an average of AU$21,667 to replace a staff.  Alarmingly, close to 75% of staff who left their jobs also quit the industry for good. No wonder, this is an industry grappling with enormous human capital management challenges.

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What does your recruitment firm stands for?

Seth wrote about the importance of standing up for something. He mentioned:

“To really stand for something, you must make difficult decisions, mostly about what you don’t do. We don’t ship products like that, we don’t stand for employees like that (“you’re fired”), we don’t fix problems like that.

It’s so hard to stand up, to not compromise, to give up an account or lose a vote or not tell a journalist what they want to hear. But those are the only moments where standing for something actually counts, the only times that people will actually come to believe that you in fact actually stand for something.”

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