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Atlassian Innovates Recruitment Process

imageLast month I ran into Joris Luijke at the AHRI conference where we briefly discussed about his new plans to work with recruitment firms. Atlassian revealed their new engagement process last week.

Atlassian, of course, is not new to innovating their HR/recruitment processes. When you are growing at great speed, there is little choice, but to innovate. Trial and error often rules the roost, but a key driving force for Joris is ‘not wasting time’. Running a team of three and servicing offices in three continents is no easy task. It’s easy to see why Atlassian frequently experiment. Standing still is not an option.

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Talking Talent at Atlassian

I attended Atlassian’s Open House party last night. 300 plus people turned up.

Few observations:
A strong employment brand alone does not guarantee a steady flow of talent. Organisations who attract talent does so because they work hard at it.  Universally recognised brands are often the ones rolling up their sleeves.

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The science of motivating staff

Do you offer monetary incentives to motivate staff?  Think again.

Dan Pink believes traditional reward practice like increasing pay aren’t always effective in motivating and improving staff performance. He argues that there is a huge mismatch between the science behind motivating people and what companies practice. To illustrate his point Dan quoted two riveting studies:

“In eight of the nine tasks we examined across the three experiments, higher incentives led to worse performance” ( Federal Reserve of Boston, Paper No. 05-11)

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Using social media to tell your story – 1

It’s one thing to have a good story to tell. It is another to tell the story effectively.

Atlassian have a good story to tell. They also tell it rather honestly and convincingly.

Dig deeper and you will see Atlassian work really hard to spread their story – they blog incessantly (it looks like half their workforce have personal blogs), they tweet, they network on Facebook and upload their videos on YouTube. Isn’t it interesting, organisations that can afford to rest on their laurels are the ones that continue to work the hardest. Attracting talent is a never ending exercise.

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AHRI National Convention 2009


Notes from the AHRI national convention (15-16 June).

Colourful industry: Our industry is much larger, varied and colourful than I imagined. Every conceivable workforce issue or process is addressed by one or more solution providers. Have you heard of Wise? Staffed mostly by ex-federal police members, they investigate and eliminate workplace bullying. NIDA, employing famous actors, brings a performance art approach to corporate training. ECE International provide remuneration solutions exclusively for Australian expats. Autopia will plant 17 trees for every new vehicle bought in a salary packaging deal. GraduateOpportunites offer all you can eat statistics on graduates. Loyalty programmes, reward management, training houses, recruitment firms, job boards, talent management software, payroll solutions, the list goes on and on. The ingenuity on show was impressive.

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