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Evolution of RPOs in Australia

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, a form of outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment functions to an external service provider, has been around for some time in Australia.

But very little data is available to gauge the size, prevalence, types and extent of  RPO adoption by companies in Australia. Anecdotal evidences seem to suggest that adoption is increasing, driven in large part by the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all RPO model. In fact the type of RPO models differ across industry sectors and locations, influenced greatly by size of organisation, culture, volume of jobs and the expertise of suppliers.

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CEO Survey: Companies Will Need The Assistance of Recruitment Firms To Grow

The findings from the latest CEO Survey, conducted jointly by Australia Industry Group and Deloitte, bring good news for third-party talent solution providers.

Firstly, three quarters of all businesses are planning to hire new staff in the next two years. The larger the company turnover the more bullish the hiring intentions;  almost 90% with revenue of $200 million intend to hire additional staff (refer chart). Confidence is high in the construction sector with 85.7% of respondents indicating they will hire new staff.

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Six Reports for Recruiters to Read

Age Diversity Report
It is a well documented fact that Australia lags other developed economies in mature age participation rate . According to the ACS age discrimination is rampant in the ICT sector, especially affecting those 45 years and older; worryingly ageism appears to be deeply ingrained in business culture. ACS’s frustration is understandable given the continuing shortage of skills the ICT sector grapples with. The ACS points the blame equally on employers and recruiters, but also offer recommendations on how to address the problem. Download the report here.

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Google your company before you google job seekers

There is a real disconnect between employers and employees on how they view social networks. A new study by Deloitte highlighted the following:

  • 53% of employees say their social networking pages are non of their employers’ business
  • 40% of managers disagree, and 30% admit to informally monitor social networking sites
  • 61% of employees say that even if employers are monitoring their social networking profiles or activities, they won’t change what they’re doing online

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