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The Road Ahead For Recruiters


Recruiters and talent solution providers are almost always facing a crossroad, largely because the behaviour of employers, the workforce and workplaces change rapidly. Add the influence of macro factors such as the state of the economy, unemployment, labour participation rate, skill shortages and advances in technology, and you have an industry perennially on the cusp of change.

So, what does the road ahead looks like for recruiters and those in the business of providing human capital services?

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Introducing RECTEC


Does the HR/Recruitment industry need another event? I think so. RECTEC, scheduled for 22 Nov, brings a very different flavour. Here’s why:

RECTEC stands for Recruitment Technology Evaluation Convention and as the name implies the event will focus exclusively on technology and its application to recruitment.

Learning from innovators
We’ve assembled an impressive line-up of speakers – technology path-breakers, HRIS consultants, vendors, innovation experts, software entrepreneurs, RPO innovators, IT industry analysts, change agents and staffing professionals who have had a hand in embracing and using technology smartly.  Learn from early adopters.

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Has Using a Recruitment Firm Lost its Value?

The good folks at IQPC (organisers of the recruitment and retention conference) sent me the results of a survey they conducted at their conference last year. One of the questions attendees were asked was whether recruitment firms still offer value.

The attendees voted. The verdict?

Not unlike the recent hung parliament delivered by a divided electorate, opinion on recruiters is evenly split, with 38% agreeing or strongly agreeing that they add value, and 41.6% disagreeing or strongly disagreeing.

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Upcoming HR/Recruitment Events Worth Attending

imageIt’s raining conferences! A year ago, I argued that in spite of the many available alternatives, conferences are worth the trouble. In a world of tweetups and webinars, I still think there’s immense value in physically attending a conference. Besides, committing oneself to a whole day of networking, listening and learning can never be a bad thing (if the price is right, of course). Do you think conferences add value? Have your say here (only 3 questions).

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Event: Executive Monitor release date announced

If you haven’t heard yet, unemployment rate dropped to 5.5%. The economy added 35,200 new jobs and the future looks a lot more positive than a year ago. So, how are senior executives going to behave this year? Will they seek new jobs?  How will a stronger economy affect their behaviour?

A recent global poll conducted by Bluesteps found 70% of executives are willing to relocate overseas to pursue new career opportunities. With that many willing to move, it is unlikely the health of the economy is the main factor that triggers a job search. What other factors drive a senior executive to jump ship?

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