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Popularity of Personal Branding And its Implications

Personal branding in its simplest form is the application of marketing principles and tactics to promote an individual as a ‘brand’, with the expectation of gaining visibility, recognition and better career prospects. Since Tom Peters coined the phrase ‘brand you’ in the late nineties, the concept of self-promotion has taken off significantly. Today, it’s hard not to encounter material on personal branding; a Google search alone returned thousands of links on the topic.

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Behaviour of Executives in Australia (Presentation Slides)

Presentation slides highlighting the main findings from the Executive Monitor report. You can also download the report here.

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Executive Monitor – Understanding the Behaviour and Intention of Executives in Australia


Three months ago we embarked on a study to better understand the behaviour of executives in Australia. The results from the study, involving 1332 executives across Australia, can be downloaded here.

The study offered many insights but also raised new questions,a nd many of the findings merit further exploration. In the coming days, I will explore in greater detail many of the topics covered in the report. Without doubt this report is a first step in a journey of discovery. For now, it is my hope that the findings will trigger discussion within organisations on how they recruit, engage and manage executive talent.

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What drives pay disparity between male and female executives?

It’s a well documented fact that male employees tend to earn more than their female counterparts. Why this anomaly still occurs in 21st century workplaces is a  mystery.

Some interesting results on male and female pay disparity is emerging from the recent study we conducted on high-income executives in Australia. Interestingly, male executives tend to get a pay rise as a result of good performance, while female executives are more likely to get a raise if they change employers or move from one department to another.

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Event: Executive Monitor release date announced

If you haven’t heard yet, unemployment rate dropped to 5.5%. The economy added 35,200 new jobs and the future looks a lot more positive than a year ago. So, how are senior executives going to behave this year? Will they seek new jobs?  How will a stronger economy affect their behaviour?

A recent global poll conducted by Bluesteps found 70% of executives are willing to relocate overseas to pursue new career opportunities. With that many willing to move, it is unlikely the health of the economy is the main factor that triggers a job search. What other factors drive a senior executive to jump ship?

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Executive Monitor Survey


What triggers a senior executive to look for a new job? Do executives value formal education? What role does remuneration play in motivating a high-income earner? These are some of the questions Executive Monitor, a joint project of SixFigures and Destination Talent, aims to answer.

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