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Navigating the Australian Job Board Landscape (Job Board Report 2010 Released)

JobBoardReportblog The 2010 Job Board Report is ready for download here. Here are four observations from the report:

The Competitive Landscape
The wrath of the downturn spared no one; industry revenue dipped by 21%.  However, the industry grew in numbers even in the midst of falling revenue. We recorded 270 jobs boards, an increase of 14% from last year, and many more are still in the woodwork (we counted around 50). Convinced that the print industry has no long-term future, job boards are buoyed by the fact that spending on print media still amounts to an estimated $400-600 million every year.

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Is a recovery coming our way, if so are we ready?

Is a recovery heading our way?

Even if there are no immediate proof, as a nation we are becoming more optimistic about the economy. ANU quarterly study found more Australians think the worse is behind us (Full report here). A similar theme is echoed by Nielsen’s Global Confidence Survey which found Australians are one of the most positive about economic recovery. Unemployment stands at 6.8%, but we are way ahead of other developed economies (spare a thought for Zimbabwe where the unemployment rate is 94%)

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Talent Tidbits

State of the industry
Are things looking better? IMF expects the Australian economy to recover and grow by 1.5% next year. Hudson’s latest report seems to suggest a positive shift in employers’ attitude. Hiring is likely to pick up for the first time in 18 months. Greg Savage have a more tepid view of the situation.  Unemployment rate hovers at 5.7%, it is likely that the hard times will continue for a while longer.

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