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Job Board Users Care Most About Quality of Candidates

My good friend Jeff Dickey-Chasins (aka Job Board Doctor) recently released the results of a study – Job Board Future Survey – he conducted between August and September. At 275 participants, the sample size is not overly large, but it’s unique in that three different demographic groups – job seekers, job board owners and recruiters – participated in the survey.

Though the report relates to the US marketplace it throws up interesting insights on why job seekers and recruiters use job boards.

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How Will Job Boards Survive? Q&A With Jeff Dickey-Chasins (aka The Job Board Doctor)

DestinationTalent_Jeff Dickey-Chasins

When a job board falls sick, who do you call? The Job Board Doctor, of course. We touched base with Jeff Dickey-Chasins (aka The Job Board Doctor) to discuss the challenges faced by job boards.

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Navigating the Australian Job Board Landscape (Job Board Report 2010 Released)

JobBoardReportblog The 2010 Job Board Report is ready for download here. Here are four observations from the report:

The Competitive Landscape
The wrath of the downturn spared no one; industry revenue dipped by 21%.  However, the industry grew in numbers even in the midst of falling revenue. We recorded 270 jobs boards, an increase of 14% from last year, and many more are still in the woodwork (we counted around 50). Convinced that the print industry has no long-term future, job boards are buoyed by the fact that spending on print media still amounts to an estimated $400-600 million every year.

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