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The Road Ahead for Job Boards


SEEK’s share price quietly crossed $8.00; it is no accident.

At a time when naysayers are at their loudest and their future most doubted, job boards appear to hold sway.

For all their limitations, two things worked in job boards’ favour. First, it helps that almost everyone knows how to use a job board. Our recent report revealed that even the most unlikely demographic group – senior executives – overwhelmingly endorsed job boards. Second, the alternatives, real or imagined, to job boards are yet to deliver consistent results.

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How The Australian Public Service Commission Sources Talent

The Australian Public Service Commission (APS) released stage one of a report which evaluated recruitment advertising activities across different agencies.

Some interesting results:

  • Data collection – Of the 104 FMA agencies only 45 FMA agencies collected source-of-hire data (Only those who collected data were included in the evaluation). Not surprisingly data collection problems exist  – “Response to the evaluation survey suggests that those agencies that utilise an e-recruitment system were able to provide detailed survey responses more efficiently than those agencies that had to manually check through paper files. There was also anecdotal evidence that an e-recruitment system, however, does not ensure accuracy of applicant information. An agency advised that applicants appeared to be selecting the first item on a drop-down list of advertisement sources

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Australian Job Board Report 2009 released

Job board report widget - CopyThe Job Board Report 2009 is ready and available for FREE download.

If ‘numbers’ is a yardstick, Australia is currently witnessing a ‘golden age’ of Job board activity. Our report lists 236 job boards in operation, with new players introduced on a regular basis. The job board tapestry is colourful, and every conceivable niche – geographic, regional, professional, job type and industry sector – is represented by one or more job board. A declining print classifieds market, the easy availability of technology, the continuing demands by employers to reach new pockets of audiences is fuelling the growth. In spite of the existence of alternatives, job boards continues to offer a cost-effective solution, and remains a preferred channel to reach out to talent.

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Job Board Report 2009 announced

Job Board Report 2009, a guide book to assist HR practitioners, recruiters and employers to better navigate the Australian job board landscape will be released shortly.

Register now to be the first to receive the report for free.

We are grateful to our sponsors below for their generous support.

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