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Navigating the Australian Job Board Landscape (Job Board Report 2010 Released)

JobBoardReportblog The 2010 Job Board Report is ready for download here. Here are four observations from the report:

The Competitive Landscape
The wrath of the downturn spared no one; industry revenue dipped by 21%.  However, the industry grew in numbers even in the midst of falling revenue. We recorded 270 jobs boards, an increase of 14% from last year, and many more are still in the woodwork (we counted around 50). Convinced that the print industry has no long-term future, job boards are buoyed by the fact that spending on print media still amounts to an estimated $400-600 million every year.

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Navigating The New Zealand Job Board Industry

half-page ad copy Growth of Job Boards: Serving a 2.4 million strong workforce, the NZ job board sector is comparatively smaller in size, but nonetheless as vibrant and colourful as its Australian counterpart. We monitored 89 online destinations which qualified as being a job board. The actual number is likely to be much higher.

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Talent Talk: The Value of Accurately Promoting Employer Value Proposition Across All Touch Points

Brett 077 Brett Minchington explains the importance of promoting a consistent employment brand message across all touch points

With the increasing fragmentation of communication channels used to express, ‘What it’s like to work for this organisation,’ and ‘What’s in it for you,’ it pays to ensure the employment experience you promote to potential employees through a job board is matched by what you can realistically deliver upon in the employment experience – and in many cases this experience starts at a job board.

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The Road Ahead for Job Boards


SEEK’s share price quietly crossed $8.00; it is no accident.

At a time when naysayers are at their loudest and their future most doubted, job boards appear to hold sway.

For all their limitations, two things worked in job boards’ favour. First, it helps that almost everyone knows how to use a job board. Our recent report revealed that even the most unlikely demographic group – senior executives – overwhelmingly endorsed job boards. Second, the alternatives, real or imagined, to job boards are yet to deliver consistent results.

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