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How Loyal Are Employees in Australia?

A new report by Ipsos suggested that employees are becoming more loyal. According to the study, the majority (55%) of the 1022 Australians surveyed last month indicated they would remain loyal even if they get offered a higher pay elsewhere.  A similar study by Kelly Services in March (sample size of 20,000) found that 44% percent of respondents are ‘totally committed’ to their current employer. image

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Six Reports for Recruiters to Read

Age Diversity Report
It is a well documented fact that Australia lags other developed economies in mature age participation rate . According to the ACS age discrimination is rampant in the ICT sector, especially affecting those 45 years and older; worryingly ageism appears to be deeply ingrained in business culture. ACS’s frustration is understandable given the continuing shortage of skills the ICT sector grapples with. The ACS points the blame equally on employers and recruiters, but also offer recommendations on how to address the problem. Download the report here.

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Talent Tidbits

  • Friendship at work: A fascinating look at Zappos’ work culture. Here’s an excerpt:

“ we’ve begun tracking employee relationships. When employees log in to their computers, we ask them to look at a picture of a random employee and then ask them how well they know that person — the options include “say hi in the halls,” “hang out outside of work,” and “we’re going to be long time friends.” We’re starting to keep track of the number and strength of cross-departmental relationships — and we’re planning a class on the topic. My hope is that we can have more employees who plan to be close friends”.

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Are companies (HR departments) overreacting to the downturn?

It’s true that the employment sector is not doing too well. All major indices are down, hiring have slowed, vacancies have significantly dried up and companies are  pessimistic. Very pessimistic indeed.  A recent survey  (HR Directors of Australian subsidiaries of multi-national companies) by CEO Forum highlighted the following:

  • 74% of companies are reducing their use of contractors
  • 70% engaged in hiring freezes
  • 66% are reducing headcounts

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