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It’s a Brand New Year, Call Someone

A brand new year arrives. Hundreds of ‘to do’ items screams for attention. What is one supposed to do first?

I am reminded of a quote by Hank Paulson, former CEO, Goldman Sachs:

“I call 60 CEOs in the first week of the year to wish them happy New Year. …” (Source: Fortune, “Secrets of Greatness,” 0320.05 via Tom Peters)

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Opportunity for recruiters to stand out

Conversations on Whirlpool are raw, honest and seldom kind to recruiters. Are recruiters worthless? One of the most popular forums asked. The answer:


The graph, with all its flaws (I suspect many of the respondents are job seekers), presents two immediate opportunities for recruitment firms:

1) An opportunity to be different. Majority of employers (at least those who took the survey), rightly or wrongly, have a negative opinion of recruiters. In other words, many employers are yet to encounter a recruitment firm who ‘wowed’ them. So, why not be the first? Why be banded with the rest of the competition?

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