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Executive Monitor 2011 Released



The Executive Monitor 2011 report is ready for download.

The annual study is an on-going attempt to better understand the behaviour of executives and high-income earners in Australia. This year we revisit familiar themes, addressed in the first study, like education, remuneration and work, but also touch on new subject matters. In particular we looked at the issue of workplace diversity and discrimination. We also explored the view of executives on recruiters, jobs, social media, best places to work and study. 

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Vendor Watch: Xpand Executive Search

Each week we will highlight a talent solution provider. This week we present XPAND, an Australian owned IT recruitment and executive search provider. We spoke with Justin Babet (MD).

clip_image001What recruitment problems do you solve?
Recruitment and Executive Search: Demand within Technology, Media and Communications is very high and it’s becoming increasing difficult to source talent. In this market it’s very important therefore to avoid the temptation to lower your standards and hire whoever you can get your hands on. We provide customers with the means to go above and beyond simply advertising roles in the hope of attracting A Grade talent. We plug our customers directly into our network of top talent across the region – talent that we’ve developed relationships with over many years.

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Zipf’s Law and the importance of being #1 in the recruitment space

It pays to be #1.

Seth Godin, in his books (first in the Ideas Virus and in The Dip), often referred to Zipf’s Law which basically asserts that the most widely used word in English is used ten times more than the tenth most popular word. In other words, the #1 player in any field get significantly more returns (revenue, web hits, exposure …whatever you are measuring) than those ranked below.

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[Guest Post] Ross Clennett – The 10 biggest mistakes recruiters make with social media

Ross_17V2 - Copy

Starting in 1989, Ross Clennett, APRCSA, worked for 15 years as a recruiter in London, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. He has been a regular writer about recruitment and the Australian recruitment scene since 2001. He runs Australia’s only online training and professional development membership site for recruitment company owners and managers.

1) Believing the claims that technology vendors make and undertaking few, if any, background checks of these claims with other recruiters who are actively using the vendor’s product

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