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RecruitTech Conference in Canberra

imageThe second edition of RecruitTech is taking place in Canberra next week (Thursday, 8 SEP). Credit must go to Clayton Wehner and Rick Bushell from CapitalJobs for making sure that the event continues after a great start in 2009.

I was fortunate to experience the first edition (and actually spoke at the event). It was a great experience and a good place to network and meet peers working in the local HR & recruitment industry. It’s the only event of its kind in Canberra.

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Recruitment advertising from candidates’ perspective: Recruittech presentation

At Recruittech I argued that the balance of power has shifted to job seekers. I highlighted three trends which I think made this scenario possible:

1) Information asset increased: Barriers to corporate information and employment opportunities are broken. We are in an environment where job seekers know more about an employer then vice versa.

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Blogging in the HR/Recruitment Space in Australia

When I started blogging a year or so ago I was aware of only a handful of blogs in the HR/Recruitment space. Today, there are a lot more blogs around. Thomas Shaw alone maintains 27 different feeds. I’ve also come across several recruitment firms who are dabbling with blogging. Without doubt more companies and individuals are blogging.

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The case for attending a recruitment conference


“To be honest, I am here for the free drinks”, a gentleman I befriended at a recent HR conference quipped.

Attendees’ indifference aside, the case for physically attending a conference seems to diminish by the day. New technologies driving the adoption of virtual conferences are improving by the day; free webinars are a dime a dozen.  Besides, content presented at most conferences is eventually available for free. Wait a month or two and you can view most of the material presented at TED. New forms of meeting are also emerging. Many swear by the unconference style and Tweetups that are a product of our age. Indeed, conferences are changing rapidly, in content, form and the value they offer.

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