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Navigating the Australian Job Board Landscape (Job Board Report 2010 Released)

JobBoardReportblog The 2010 Job Board Report is ready for download here. Here are four observations from the report:

The Competitive Landscape
The wrath of the downturn spared no one; industry revenue dipped by 21%.  However, the industry grew in numbers even in the midst of falling revenue. We recorded 270 jobs boards, an increase of 14% from last year, and many more are still in the woodwork (we counted around 50). Convinced that the print industry has no long-term future, job boards are buoyed by the fact that spending on print media still amounts to an estimated $400-600 million every year.

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“Just try stuff’ and other musings @ Recruittech Conference


Few observations from the recent Recruittech conference.

Doubt is good. Not surprisingly, there are many cynics as there are converts to the bold new world of online social engagement. In my book, doubters are in a good place – at least they are participating in the conversations and asking additional questions. Indeed, no one really have all the answers, what works for one organisation in one industry may not work for another. Advice from @RigesYounan – “Just try stuff” – best sums up the mindset of early adopters (the brave). The best time to start on social media was, perhaps, five years ago; the next best time is now.

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Innovations in the Australian recruitment industry

Regardless of the less than stellar economy, the talent acquisition industry is witnessing a lot of positive activity. I have been engaging in discussions with a few industry peers and had the opportunity to see/test a few exciting products. Below are three, I encountered this week:

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Guest post: Riges Younan – Use Social Media to engage, communicate and build relationships or RIP dear recruiter.

_JLM2420Copy_thumb Phillip asked me to write a few words on topics that I’m very passionate about – referrals and the relevance of social media in the talent acquisition process. Oh yeah and he’s asked me to make some predictions for 2009, too. So here goes..

Referrals in a downturn
Now, being the CEO of 2Vouch – an online job referral platform – I’m obviously convinced of the value of referrals in the sourcing process. In fact, after over 12 years in executive recruiting, I believe they are the most effective sourcing strategy. Research has shown that with referrals you can reduce; the cost of hire, time to hire and increase the quality of hire.

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