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Linkedin – Connecting With Professionals and Powering Conversations


In line with yesterday’s post, Clifford Rosenberg sheds light on the progress of Linkedin in Australia.

The Australian recruitment industry has been rapidly evolving given the dynamic changes in the economic and social environment. In the early days of the Internet, we saw a shift from traditional recruitment mediums, and a rise in adoption of online channels such as job boards. Now we are witnessing another significant shift with the emergence of social media and online professional networks like LinkedIn.

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Adoption of Social Media by Recruitment Firms

A year ago we briefly explored the uptake of social media to source talent. Overall, we found, organisations were slow to adopt social media; only a minority (35%) used it in some form or another to recruit new staff.

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Success for recruiters is strategic not tactical

Some of the most successful recruiters that I’ve encountered have very little to do with social media.

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Talent Tidbits

State of the industry
Are things looking better? IMF expects the Australian economy to recover and grow by 1.5% next year. Hudson’s latest report seems to suggest a positive shift in employers’ attitude. Hiring is likely to pick up for the first time in 18 months. Greg Savage have a more tepid view of the situation.  Unemployment rate hovers at 5.7%, it is likely that the hard times will continue for a while longer.

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Social Recruitment gaining grounds

Research coming out of the US suggested Social Recruiting, the practice of using social media or networks to recruit staff, is gaining grounds. A study by Jobvite found that 68% of respondents use social networks or media to support their recruitment efforts. More telling is the finding that 66% successfully hired a candidate through an online social network.

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