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Guest Post: What to do Next After Sourcing a Superstar

By Dan Nuroo, Recruitment Manager IMA

$RTZ228D Sourcing Rocks… there I said it! I am a sourcing groupie, yes I am. I have a T-Shirt at home signed by Bill Boorman, Glen Cathey and Jim Stroud… yes I am that sad. But with all this cool amazing stuff that these guys do, and their kinsmen and women across the world, there seems to be a missing link of sorts.

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The Role of Emotional Branding In Sourcing: Q&A with Paul Jacobs

Paul Jacobs wears many hats – entrepreneur, social media evangelist, employment branding consultant, community DJ and conversation stirrer – but a common denominator in his work is a passion for, in his own words, “helping employers become stars“. A perennial experimenter, and blessed with an acute eye to spot new trends, Paul is one the most influential recruitment voices in the ANZ region. We caught up with Paul to discuss his current projects and upcoming talk at the Sourcing Summit.

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Q&A With Christian LeLoux, Oceania Talent Sourcing Leader, Ernst & Young

200x120_ChristianChristian LeLoux, currently Oceania Talent Sourcing Leader at Ernst & Young, talks about his initial foray into sourcing, past experiences and what his current sourcing toolbox looks like. He offers a preview of his presentation at the Sourcing Summit where he will speak on ‘sourcing Matrix’ and why highly visible employer brands need to invest in sourcing.

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The state of sourcing in Australasia


What does a typical sourcer look like? What tools and techniques are most frequently used to find talent? How much do sourcers typically earn? These and many other questions about sourcing and those who practice it remains largely unanswered. In fact, little data exists in Australia or NZ.

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Sourcing Practitioners

I recently spoke to four people who have very different backgrounds but share a common interest in sourcing. All four will be speaking at the Australasian Sourcing Summit.

Click images to read the interviews.






Jason Timor, Qantas                            Andrea Mitchell, ARN







Gad Weinbach, Talent Partners         Paul Jacobs, Engage

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Australasian Sourcing Summit 2011

Sourcing and the role of those who practice it in Australia/NZ is rapidly changing, or is it? If you wanted to know more about sourcing trends join us at the first Australasian Sourcing Summit. Here’s what you can expect to encounter:

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Give before you take

CareerBuilder produced this e-book. It accomplished three things:

  • It’s topical and useful. Even in the age of Google, good search technique is important.
  • It’s a case of being generous; a genuine attempt to help. It’s good strategy.
  • It’s smart marketing. No hard sell; registration not required. Easily spread.

The point is, it’s always better to give something of value before you can ask anything in return.

Aviary img-icbdr-com Picture 1

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