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Executive Monitor 2011 Released



The Executive Monitor 2011 report is ready for download.

The annual study is an on-going attempt to better understand the behaviour of executives and high-income earners in Australia. This year we revisit familiar themes, addressed in the first study, like education, remuneration and work, but also touch on new subject matters. In particular we looked at the issue of workplace diversity and discrimination. We also explored the view of executives on recruiters, jobs, social media, best places to work and study. 

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Executive Monitor 2011 Survey


The 2011 Executive Monitor survey has started.

This year we are paying particular importance to the issue of discrimination and diversity in workplaces. We will also measure, one year on, how executives fare in areas like remuneration, education and work. The main brief is to monitor and track the intention of executives for the next twelve months.

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Executive Monitor – Understanding the Behaviour and Intention of Executives in Australia


Three months ago we embarked on a study to better understand the behaviour of executives in Australia. The results from the study, involving 1332 executives across Australia, can be downloaded here.

The study offered many insights but also raised new questions,a nd many of the findings merit further exploration. In the coming days, I will explore in greater detail many of the topics covered in the report. Without doubt this report is a first step in a journey of discovery. For now, it is my hope that the findings will trigger discussion within organisations on how they recruit, engage and manage executive talent.

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Executive Monitor Survey


What triggers a senior executive to look for a new job? Do executives value formal education? What role does remuneration play in motivating a high-income earner? These are some of the questions Executive Monitor, a joint project of SixFigures and Destination Talent, aims to answer.

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