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VIDEO: Don’t Use Standardised Evaluation Forms to Assess Talent

Here’s the latest from Tom Peters. He is frustrated with HR, particularly with standard evaluation forms.

What do you use in your organisation?

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Talent Tidbits

Not all doom and gloom
It’s misleading to talk in national terms, or blindly generalise the state of the job market (the media loves bad stories). Some states are still dealing with 3% and below unemployment rates. Some companies are struggling to find staff. Demand and supply of talent is a local issue, and in most cases national data does not always accurately represent the reality at the local level. By the way, national unemployment rate currently stands at 4.5%, hardly the nightmarish picture often painted by mainstream media.

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Choose passion over experience when hiring

Tom Peters argues that ‘passion’ is much more important than ‘experience’ when it comes to hiring staff (transcripts).

Tom Peters on Passion! from Tom Peters on Vimeo.

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Talent Maestro – Tom Peters on talent

Tom Peters is arguably one of the world’s most influential thinkers. An early proponent of personal branding (Coined the word Brand You), Tom is big on getting ‘talent’ right, and it takes a central place in most of his trademark themes (business excellence, quality and leadership), books and presentations.

Loud, bold, and confronting his presentations are unforgettable both in content and style.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, his presentations are richly populated by thought provoking and inspirational quotes collected from a wide range of sources.  Some of the money quotes from Tom’s presentation:

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