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Are You Ok?

Depression affects more than 800,000 Australians each year. So, it’s likely to directly or directly touch most of us, including our workplaces. In fact, it is estimated that over 6 million full days of work is lost each year.

It’s RUOK Day today. It’s a day dedicated to address the scourge of mental illness and highlight ways to prevent it. The organisation behind it encourages everyone to reach out to someone else and enquire if they are OK.

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Can Potential Bullies be Filtered Out Early in the Recruitment Process?

An estimated 400,000 to 2 million Australians experience bullying at work and it costs businesses an estimated $3 billion per year. We asked Harriet Stacey from Wise Workplace Investigations if potential bullies can be identified early in the recruitment process.

Recognised as an international problem, bullying has a major cost for Australian employers. Measurable costs such as those incurred from law suites and payouts and hidden cost from absenteeism, sick leave and high staff turnover. It is estimated that bullying by employees costs Australian business an estimated $3 billion per year .

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VIDEO : Freedom Within Form – Jazz Lessons for HR

Sylvia Hewlett, Founding President of Centre for Work-Life Policy, on what the new generation of workers want from employers:

I think jazz is the right metaphor. It’s freedom within form. Our new demographic research coming out in July really shows that what Gen Y wants, and is actually what boomers want too, is actually to stay with an employer/company that they had admire. But to mix and match, to ebb and flow, to have much more of freedom within form, and to have a long view.

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HIV/AIDS and the Workplace


Today is World AIDS Day.

The HIV epidemic is mind-boggling; 33.4 million are infected globally.

In Australia, over 16,700 Australians are living with HIV, with an estimated 20 new infections daily. According to a research by LaTrobe University 54.7% of  people infected with HIV are in paid employment, with the majority in full-time work (37.4% of total sample). With the high incidence of HIV cases, it’s likely that workplaces will have someone afflicted with the disease.

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Workforce Watch 1 – Australian workforce increasingly choosing freedom to money

Part of the reason why recruitment and retention is an excruciatingly challenging task in most organisations, is because the mores and needs of the workforce is ever changing.

A new study by Citrix Online (if you can ignore the fact Citrix sell solutions which allows people to work from home) found 16% of Australians are willing to sacrifice 5% of their salary in exchange for the flexibility of working from home or a remote location. A further 24% are on sitting on the fence and willing to consider a similar move (refer graph).  What employees want from employers and their workplaces continually changes. Abetted by rapid advances in technology and changing social mores, we face a future where more disruptions to the workplace status quo are likely to occur.

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