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Received the below in my inbox this morning.


A job posting cost $600, this probably means Six Figures is the most expensive job board in Australia. The site is also offering job seekers a chance to win a free lunch.  Worth giving it a try while the free offer is on.

Alternatives includes SEEK Executive and The Big Chair.

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  1. Kelly Magowan
    Kelly Magowan says:

    Hi Phillip,

    Thank you for publishing the Six Figures, offer on your blog, we appreciate your support.

    Indeed we are an alternative, yet also an evolution of the traditional jobs sites that are generalist and available to all and sundry. Seek Executive is a different tab on Seek, offering the same service yet at a higher price point. Whilst The Big Chair is an extension though somewhat varied version of My Career. Both sites (owned by media companies) offer the advertiser and job seeker a transactional experience, centered on volume and matching. These services provide a good service and are certainly very relevant for some segments of the market place.

    Six Figures is very much the next generation of job sites, being niche and aligned with the values and needs of today’s hiring businesses and job seekers. Most jobs sites are in the listing business, with a business model centered on volume of jobs listed and job ad views. Six Figures is designed to deliver our advertisers and member’s quality as opposed to quantity of either applications or jobs to view. People no longer are prepared to spend their time viewing irrelevant information.

    The quality starts with advertisers posting detailed and genuine job opportunities to the site that contain relevant information, aligned with what high salary earners want to know, such who the employer is, about the leadership, job functions, challenges, the team, benefits beyond base salary and so on. Quality attracts quality, evidenced by one of our advertisers who posted the same senior job on a competing site and on Six Figures. The competitor delivered 50+ unsuitable applicants within a few days, whilst Six Figures delivered 2 applicants over a couple of weeks, one was good and one was perfect! For those businesses that know what talent looks like for them, the site delivers.

    Our membership of high salary job seeker has exceeded 10,000 high salary earners of a high caliber confirming that the talent is out there for those businesses that are willing to move away from a volume driven transactional and matching style approach to hiring. The job seeking market is embracing the site as it provides transparency, more information and targeted and relevant jobs, in addition to other career resources and tools.

    To attract talent you need to be communicating in their language, providing more detail, more service and personalization. You need to be willing to share more information upfront and also to look beyond matching job titles and skills in a resume, you need to be looking to hire on potential. Talent does not leave one job to go to a different company to do the same job again, yet most hiring process do not factor this in.

    The Big Chair is actually $680 per ad, whilst Seek Executive is around $375 for a base ad. Six Figures have revised the pricing with adds costing $295, though still offering a premium level of service to both advertisers and job seekers (Members).



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