Gift economy, sustainability and talent

Gifford Pinchot talked about the ‘gift economy’, sustainability and changing ethical mores amongst employees, way back in 1995. His insights are very apt to the concerns (pdf) of modern day employees.  Below are some nuggets on ‘talent’, read the full article here.

A shift from capital to talent
The critical factor controlling success in business is shifting from capital to talent. Employees are no longer interchangeable parts…. .. Employers must curry the favor of their talented employees who increasingly have an ethical agenda. Employees who can easily find work elsewhere are refusing to work on projects or for companies that offend their values, even if they would be well paid to do so. As this trend increases, as people take a stand for sustainability in choosing their work, even public corporations seeking the favor of bloodless institutional investors will find that sustainable companies have the best future because they have the best talent. In fields where creativity counts, sustainability is a competitive weapon.

Frugality and Choice
Talented people have been making sustainable career choices in increasing numbers. This gives businesses that can provide good work towards good ends a great advantage, and this advantage will grow as the highly environmentally and socially conscious generation in school now becomes important talent to business.

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