Cloud Recruiting – The future of recruitment?

Cloud recruiting – just another buzzword or the future of recruitment?

Michael Marlatt coined the word ‘Cloud Recruiting’ and defined it as:

“enabling recruiters to connect with their work, their peers, their employers, and their candidates in ways that truly enables them to be “anywhere, anytime, on any device” as the need and opportunity dictates”

Without doubt the world of recruitment is changing rapidly (For instance, take a look at CATS and how they are redefining the ATS market . Also have a peek at Ployme’s use of SMS to connect both employers and job seekers).  Michael offers, with the catchy term ‘Cloud Recruiting’, a big picture view to make sense of the  changes taking place in the recruitment space.

Key ideas of “Cloud Recruiting”

  • Cloud recruiting borrows heavily from cloud computing (the idea that the Internet is your computer). Check this video for background information.
  • Virtualisation is key to cloud recruiting (services, software as a service, infrastructure etc migrating to the cloud)
  • Mobility – Data anywhere,  anytime and on any device (Michael is bullish on mobile devices as recruitment tools for the future)
  • Empowerment (freedom, flexibility and more powerful tools for recruiters and employers to find and hire talent)

Michael’s presentation (below) is delivered predominately from a sourcing point of view. But it is easy to gauge that technological progress is going to (or already has)  fundamentally alter how job seekers, employers and third-party service providers connects and interact with each other.

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  1. Michael Specht
    Michael Specht says:

    Phillip interesting presentation & good to see these ideas are starting to be consolidated into a workable model. Not sure I like the term cloud recruiting but the concepts I fully support.


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