Graduate recruitment in Australia

1416068_low - Copy Roughly 110,000 students graduated each year from Australian colleges and universities, and majority of them (84.5%) joined the workforce within four months of graduating.

Meanwhile, competition for graduates is heating up each year; graduate vacancies rose from 9.8% in 2003, to 11.2% in 2008. Often employers’ problem includes the inability to fill graduate job vacancies.

If you are an employer or a recruiter, the odds are you will be involved in hiring or be in contact with a graduate(s) looking for a job. Given graduates constitute the bulk of new human capital joining the Australian workforce each year, it is important to better understand their behaviour. Below are a few resources.

Graduate recruitment resources:

  • Gradient’s recent report – Change by Degree – provides myth busting insights into the behaviour of graduates.
  • How much do graduates earn? How much do you need to pay? Graduate Career offers a yearly report on graduate remuneration trends in Australia.
  • Members of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers pool resources together to better understand graduates behaviour. The group produce a yearly report on graduate employment destinations. Also, Ben Reeves’, CEO of AAGE, presentation on graduate behaviour.  Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards Winners, 2008.
  • Virtual graduate recruitment fair – highly appropriate strategy to reach out to a digital generation.
  • NAGCAS (National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services)  has a wide range of resources on graduate careers development.
  • Itinerary of graduate career fairs across Australian universities
  • EOC has been in the forefront of graduate recruitment. Careers & Employment Expo is a yearly event targeting graduates across Australia.
  • Sydney Talent is an interesting joint initiative of Sydney University and the business community to harness graduate talent. Universities will increasingly cash in on the human capital they helped produce.
  • Graduate Opportunities is a career guide for graduates. Includes, snippets of major Australian sectors employing graduates.
  • Niche job board targeting graduates – Graduatejobs . Juniorjobs targets entry level job seekers, including graduates.
  • SEEK has 2,100 graduate vacancies. All the generalist job board have dedicated graduate sections.
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  1. Dee Hughes
    Dee Hughes says:

    CareerHub is actually Australia’s largest graduate recruitment network. CareerHub is used by 31 out of the 38 universities in Australia. It is not htat obvious because the software is used internally by the Careers Services and is sometimes renamed. also you have to be a student to login to CareerHub as it is authenticated by the student account. This means you are directly reaching the right people for your grad campaing but.. often it is renamed to something internally ig: mycareerplan at Uni SA, CareerBoard at Griffith, EJobs ate RMIT etc.

    CareerHub Central can distribute jobs into all universities in one go, saving you logging in to each individual unis own CareerHub sites.


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