Setting the agendas for 2009

Part of the reason recruiting ‘talent’ remains challenging and complicated is because there is no one universal way of doing it.

It is clear, what works for one group of profession will not necessarily work for another group. For instance, the tools and services utilised to find and recruit a receptionist is going to be different from how a CEO is sourced and recruited. In the same breath, recruiting tactics used by a small and medium size company will have little relevance to a multinational company. Adding to the challenge is having to deal with a product that can say ‘no’, is very well informed and armed to the teeth with choices.

In the last 12 months, driven in parts by the growth of social media, emergence of new methodologies and thinking, development of new services and tools, technological innovations, and changes in job seekers’ behaviour, the number of channels and methods to source talent has exploded.

The challenge for each employer is to figure out what works best for their company; figure out which tools to pluck out from the toolbox. And in the backdrop of an economy predicted to sink further, the imperatives to get recruitment right is critical.

Over the coming months we will prod, study and take a closer look at the talent acquisition landscape. We will concentrate on separating myth from reality. It promises to be a wild ride. Join us.

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