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Employers confidence 
Employers are reluctant to hire, and confidence has taken a beating (down by 19.9%), finds the latest Hudson report.  Does the collective panic masked the reality?

Do we still need recruiters?
Discussions (podcast) between BTech magazine and Kelly Magowan of Sixfigures on the roles of recruiters.

Female workers better
Harvard explores how women who are star performers tend to fare better than man after changing jobs

Expat opportunities
Skills Solutions identifies growth sectors in the Australian economy for returning expats to consider.

Google employment brand loosing its lustre?
Close on the news of Google firing 100 recruiters, a fascinating look at why staff are voluntarily leaving the company.

Rants on recruitment service
Most complaints against recruitment firms remains unreported. Still, some voices comes out in the open. Be prepared to see more ugly stories as recruiters started to compete for fewer jobs. Downturns, have an uncanny ability to weed out operators who aren’t up to industry standards.

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