Search engine strategy for recruiting talent

The vast majority (81%) of Internet users across the globe used search engines.

search engines

Online behaviour in Australia is similar. Each month close to 2.3 million searches, with the keyword ‘jobs’, are performed on Google. In other words, your employment brand is oblivious to the world, unless you are listed on the top of search results.  Obviously, SEO becomes increasingly important. 

How do you incorporate search engines into your recruitment strategy? This whitepaper by Jobvite is a good start.

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  1. Michael Specht
    Michael Specht says:

    Interesting post.

    SEO for jobs is a underutilized tool in Australia. In fact the jobs for most BRW Top 200 companies do not even appear in search results (well ok they could be on page 234 but who looks there), unless the job has been placed on a 3rd party job board. This is because most ATS systems in the market do not easily allow jobs to be indexed by the search engines. A job on a job board posted by an agency isn’t doing your online brand much good either!

    Tapping into the work the marketing team does to get your employment brand out there and make sure your jobs appear in search results will get you the best candidate. Don’t forget you can always buy some Adwords to directly advertise a job on Google.

  2. Phillip
    Phillip says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Michael.

    Another study (Canadian study, will try and get the link) found most Internet users find what they are looking for in the first two pages of a Google search results. This is my experince too, I hardly go beyond the second page of a Google search result.

    Even more reasons to try and place your brand on the first page of a search result. SEO will matter.


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