Talent Tidbits

How to hire software developers
When hiring software developers the traditional method of resume and interview proves ineffective. Many company are starting to practice ‘extreme interviewing’.

Jobs distribution
As job boards, specially the niche players, assert themselves, we will see a wide range of new partnerships.  Sixfigures partnership with Australia’s Women Online is a case in point.  Very soon a job board’s worth will be measured by its networks and the partnerships it keeps.

What’s your tribe?
NZ based TribeHQ is live in beta mode. Founder Tim de Jardine briefly mentioned the new business in an earlier conversation. TribeHQ is part-job board, part-social networking and community platform. Employers can post jobs and engage talent utilising web 2.0 tools like micro blogging.

Do you tweet?
Twitter adoption in Australia grew by 518.2%. Surely, regardless of what you think about Twitter’s value, it cannot be ignored.  Interesting discussions on Twitter are taking place. You can check out my own experiment here http://twitter.com/PhillipTusing

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