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State of the recruitment industry
Recruitment firms’ performance is often a good barometer to measure the state of the economy.  Current standing of the industry on the ASK is not flattering. SEEK’s share price, the best performer of the pack, currently stands at $2.53, a far cry from its heydays. However, performances have to be viewed in the background of the Australian share market plummeting as a whole. Australian share price trends since 1900

Gender equality in the Mining Sector
Hit hard by the recent downturn, the Australian mining industry is still putting the issue of gender inequality and diversity at the forefront. The Australian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy declares ‘Diversity is still the key to a productive workforce” .  AIMM’s pre-budget submission 

Australia is still the lucky country
If you think Australia’s economic fortunes are dwindling, spare a thought for many in the UK and Ireland, lining up to migrate Down Under. The government is however making it more expensive for employers and business migrants to come and work for short periods. 

Winners & losers
In a downturn, some talent solution providers performs better than others. Techcrunch reports LinkedIn usage went up by 22%. Is LinkedIn part of your talent strategy?

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