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Mobile recruitment
Many pundits are bullish that mobile platforms will be the new frontier for acquiring talent. From the humble but ubiquitous SMS to sophisticated smart phones, the adoption of mobile tools for recruitment is gaining noise. Here’s another white paper on how ‘an unwired world is changing recruitment’.

457 visa debate re-ignited
The perennial debate on the pros and cons of the 457 visa system surfaces again.  Calls to reduce migration intake in the light of the  global recession has been rejected by the government.

Thinking of laying off staff? Think again
A Harvard paper explores how laying off staff can actually harm profits. When retail stores reduce staff numbers, it led to higher customer dissatisfaction and lower profitability.

Hard work and patience go a long way
Yet another argument that passion and perseverance is more important for success, than having mere talent.  

Who runs the IT show?
A new research by independent IT Governance Institute (ITGI) found that in 71% of enterprises it is the senior executive who is now ultimately accountable for IT Governance.

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