Australian Job seekers’ behaviour

Understanding job seekers’ behaviour is critical to the planning of recruitment strategy.  What factors trigger a job seeker to look for a new job? What percentages of Australians are happy with their jobs? What channels do job seekers choose to find new opportunities? What motivates job seekers? These and other questions are addressed by the following reports:

The largest study of its kind (10,000 survey participants) SEEK’s Employee Satisfaction and Motivation offers revealing insights on what motivates job seekers in Australia.

Hudson’s report on Candidate Buying Behaviour is one of the most comprehensive study on the behaviour of job seekers in Australia.  Honing in 10 specific industries, it explored, in intimate details, the factors that triggers a job search.

CareerOne’s latest ‘Hunting the Hunters’ (Registration required) looks at the behaviour of passive job seekers. It offered clues on understanding what motivates latent jobseekers to become active. 

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