Talent Tidbits

Brand name and remuneration
Graduating from premium universities necessarily does not mean higher remuneration for graduates.  Enrolling in the right discipline is more important than the brand name of the university. Meanwhile executive salaries have soared in Australia.

Skills shortage
A conference paper ( Global skills crunch: A case of dog eat dog?)  argues that alarm about long-term skill shortage is unfounded. Business cycles will have more dramatic effect on skill shortage than demographic changes.  Meanwhile, a new report found half of the mining sector will shed staff. Also, Indian IT professionals dominate the 457 visa intake into Australia.

Don’t trust HR
Debate on the relevance of HR is ignited by a new book . Meanwhile, McKinsey believes corporate boards must change their ways to meet the challenges of the economic crisis. 

Job board Corner
eFinancialCareers is conducting a survey on careers in the global job financial market, you can participate here (see terms & Conditions).  Sixfigures take candidate outreach to the streets.  More info on job boards here.

Crystal ball gazingIDC’s prediction on the IT sector

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