Talent Tidbits

Newspaper classifieds making a comeback?
Print advertising in Australia actually grew in 2008, and the industry performed much better than the US and UK. While most forms of print classifieds grew, employment section declined by 12.3%. As far as job advertisements are concerned, the shift to online channels seems to be permanent. Here’s a different point of view. Also, a TED presentation ask ‘can design save the newspaper’?

Using Twitter to successfully recruit talent
For those who do it well, Twitter can be a powerful medium to recruit talent. Companies who ‘get it’ invest time, engage in conversation, nurture relationship, and pluck the fruits when its ripe.

Changes to visa systems
The 457 visa continues to evolve. Skilled migrants workers on temporary visas will earn same rate as local workers. Meanwhile, the government is pouring $4 billion into the Job Services Australia programme.

What matters?
McKinsey tackles what matters (worth bookmarking). Here’s an example – Want great managers? Set them free and Netting young employees

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