Leading a tribe – the new opportunity for recruiters and employers

Similar to his earlier books, Seth Godin’s ‘Tribes opened the eyes to new ways of seeing things. Seth’s central argument is people like to connect and be part of something – a group, a community or a tribe. This basic human longing is bringing people with similar interests together, and in the process offering anyone an opportunity to be a leader; often, to lead and change the world for the better.

What is the relevance of ‘Tribes’ to the recruitment industry?

It’s more and more likely that the ‘talent’ we seek will emerge from the networks and groups we belong to, or lead. Here is the big opportunity – we are in an age where it has never been more easier to create, build or lead a tribe (read talent pool). The Internet makes it easy to create silos – tribes of people with common interests, goals or purpose. As recruiters or employers we can change the way we engage and find talent, by building and leading our own tribes.

How so? Perhaps, one can start a blog and write on ‘job hunting in Bondi’. Or, form a LinkedIn group for senior Project Managers who specialise in GPS; perhaps, start a Ning social network for hairdressers in Perth. Or maybe a Facebook group for single mothers with finance industry backgrounds. The tools to create and lead tribes are readily available; the opportunities are endless. What’s required is a willingness to lead.

Seth reminds us that change will come as a result of being part of a group. That by choosing to lead, anyone can make a big difference. For those in the recruitment industry it may well turn out to be a matter of survival. Now listen to Seth Video and then go start and lead a tribe (Join my tribe).

The book is a must read (if you Google you might still find the free audio online).


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