The future summit – surviving in a rapidly changing world

Leaders from a cross section of society are congregating at the Future Summit, to discuss, ponder and plan how Australia will face the enormous challenges coming its way (You can follow the tweets here).

The fact is the world around us is changing rapidly. Macro-trends like globalisation, advancements in technology, global warming, demographic upheavals, ubiquity of information etc are changing how we work, play and live, with gusto. How will HR/recruiters cope in a world where change will be the only constant? It is estimated that  the youth of today will have between 10-14 jobs by the time they turn 38. Take a peek at Workplace 2012 to understand the workforce changes coming our way. One thing is for sure, how we perform our work and add value promises to be very different in the future. Only those who prepare themselves for the changes today are likely to survive. As serial inventor, Alan Kay puts it “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

Here’s a reminder of the rapid changes that is happening around us, and how the future might look.

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