Remuneration in the Australian tech sector holds steady

Salaries in the Australian tech sector grew by 4%. The government sector saw a 4.6% hike, while IT professionals in the private sector saw their salaries increasing by 3.9%. Given the general state of the national economy, the global financial crisis and reduced IT budgets, the surprise is that salaries in the tech sector grew at all.

But is it really any surprise at all?

12,872 IT job vacancies are listed on SEEK. IT continues to hold sway as the largest and most vibrant employment sector in the Australian economy. The sector is proving to be very resilient over the years, overcoming major upheavals such as offshoring, past recessions and the dot com crash. Technology is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it is not about to go away anytime soon. Strong demand for IT talent will continue to be a permanent trend in the years ahead.  Remuneration hike even in the midst of a downturn vouch for that truth. salary trend

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