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State of the industry
Are things looking better? IMF expects the Australian economy to recover and grow by 1.5% next year. Hudson’s latest report seems to suggest a positive shift in employers’ attitude. Hiring is likely to pick up for the first time in 18 months. Greg Savage have a more tepid view of the situation.  Unemployment rate hovers at 5.7%, it is likely that the hard times will continue for a while longer.

20 rules for recruiting in the Creative age
“ Cost per hire is a worthless statistic. It measures neither the contribution of good recruiting nor the cost of bad recruiting. This is why recruiting must be a P&L function.” and other nuggets on recruitment from Jeff Hunter.

Social Recruiting
There’s lot of noise around ‘social recruitment’, what works and doesn’t work in recruitment is slowly taking shape. Check out the presentations from the recent Social Recruiting Summit.


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