Employee engagement cut costs

Staff disengagement is a big problem in organisations across Australia.  The truth is, it doesn’t need to be a big problem. Here’s proof.  PMC invested on engaging staff  and in the process reduce turnover, cut costs and improved its employment brand, all in the midst of a recession.

“What’s most surprising about PMC’s approach to this looming crisis: The facility moved downsizing to the bottom of its list of responses. PMC is the only local hospital that hasn’t cut staff and has publicly stated that layoffs will be its "last strategy."

“because these ideas came from employees, buy-in was essentially ensured — most of the people who were affected by the cuts approved of them before they were even given a green light”

“There’s a waiting list to get a job here — and by the way, we pay our people, myself included, at the 50th percentile salary-wise.”

“PMC’s 2008 employee engagement results showed that the hospital had 10 engaged employees for every 1 actively disengaged employee”

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