Talent Tidbits – unemployment rate, Twitter, Chris Anderson’s FREE and Cisco’s John Chambers

National Unemployment rate hits 5.8%. An additional 21,400 jobs were lost, most of it in permanent roles. It’s interesting that part-time roles continue to increase (400 jobs added in June).  While regional differences remains, the pain is likely to continue.

CEO speak
John Chambers, CEO and chairman of Cisco Systems, talks to McKinsey on a range of issues, including leadership and management. “Instead of 10 people running the company, with a very heavy leaning toward the command, we have moved to a structure with the top 500 people running it today

Posting jobs on Twitter
Is posting jobs on Twitter effective? Joshua Kahn dissects what works and doesn’t work on Twitter.  The Job Board Doctor is not entirely impressed with Twitter as a job advertising platform. One thing is for sure, there’s still a lot to learn about Twitter.

FREE is free
In line with the theme of his new new book ‘FREE’ Chris Anderson made the book available for free. I have not read the whole book yet (Malcolm Gladwell thinks the book’s main premise is faulty. Seth Godin thinks Malcolm is wrong), but the basic argument is we are heading into a future where ‘free’ rules. There are obvious implications for our industry. I look forward to digesting it over the weekend. It’s 288 pages long and the audio version can be downloaded here.


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