Opportunity for recruiters to stand out

Conversations on Whirlpool are raw, honest and seldom kind to recruiters. Are recruiters worthless? One of the most popular forums asked. The answer:


The graph, with all its flaws (I suspect many of the respondents are job seekers), presents two immediate opportunities for recruitment firms:

1) An opportunity to be different. Majority of employers (at least those who took the survey), rightly or wrongly, have a negative opinion of recruiters. In other words, many employers are yet to encounter a recruitment firm who ‘wowed’ them. So, why not be the first? Why be banded with the rest of the competition?

2) Though a minority, employers who value and love the services of recruiters exists; converted fans, who are ready and willing to spread the good news. Shouldn’t you reach out to your current fans? Help them to help you?

The survey is flawed, but the truth is recruitment service is a commodity. Choose the narrow road; be remarkable.  Potential new clients will notice, and existing fans will spread your story.

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