Feeling the CEO’s pain

It’s not easy to be the head honcho these days.

Across the globe, CEOs are reeling from the financial crisis. PWC’s Global CEO survey (pdf) found the number of CEOs who are confident about their one-year revenue growth prospects dropped to 21%, the lowest it has been in six years.

CEOs are predicting headcount to further fall in the next twelve months (graph1). However, a vast majority (97%) believes ‘talent’ is a critical driver of success and remains at the top long-term priority list (graph 2). In other words, while hands are currently tied, hiring will eventually pick up.



So, spare a thought for the guys at the helm. Redundancy, one of the most difficult decisions CEOs will ever make during their tenure, is still pretty much in the cards. Yes, CEOs of your clients are feeling the pain (some are even losing their own jobs)

Here’s an idea for those of us in the recruitment industry.  Without expecting anything in return, simply write a note to the CEOs of all your clients, wishing them well. Even better, call.

Actually, regardless of the state of the economy, it is the right thing to do. And the truth is, people have a tendency to remember what you do when times are hard.

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