Thoughts for the week (via John Sumser)

When John Sumser speaks, it’s wise to listen (I have been listening since 2001). In this brief Q&A, John examines some of the changes heading our way. Below are three confronting thoughts to ponder: 

It’s important to underline that finding people is no longer the problem. Almost the only people left who will say finding people is difficult are the people who find people – every body else uses Google. The hardest thing is having the right relationships so when it’s time to hire someone you have a chance of hiring them.

I’m seeing lots of people getting really good at building networks that endure. This is almost in spite of social media. It’s not people putting 140 characters into their Twitter and Facebook profiles who are building networks. It is people who are engaging each other and finding out what problems are trying to be solved and what constitutes an interesting value.

There’s a disruption coming …… you’ll recognize it when it gets here because all of HR will get done for 20% of what HR used to cost. If you think it’s going to be other than that this would be a good time to start going back to school and get another discipline because you’re going to lose your job. It’s going to be really different and it’s going to be really different in a way that is driven by cost.


p.s: If you are new to John’s work, Iterbiznet is a good place to start.  Lately, he’s active on with his Top 100 Influencers project.

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  1. John Sumser
    John Sumser says:


    Thanks for the kind mention. These days, my work appears in a variety of places around the web. You can find much of it in the blog feed at

    I founded interbiznet in 1993 and wrote a daily column there through 1997. I sold my interest in the company in 1996. I haven’t been involved with them for a couple of years now.

    I really appreciate your support.

  2. Phillip Tusing
    Phillip Tusing says:


    Thanks for stopping by.

    Just to clarify – your involvement with Iterbiznet lasted until 1997, not 2007 ?

    Any plans to visit Australia?




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