The anomaly of male and female pay disparity

The graph below from the latest ABS data highlighted two things:

a) We have come a long way in reducing the pay disparity between men and women. Since Nov 1983, average national weekly earnings almost tripled, increasing from $312.60 to $923.40 in May 2009.

b) We have a long way to go before gender pay equality exists. In May 2009, men earn $1115.80 compared to women who average $733.40.

national salary average

The graph is a simplistic trending picture of gross national earnings (before tax), and may not be reflective of many professions or industries. However, pay disparity along gender lines is a puzzling reality. In some industries like IT, the inequality is driving women away.

A lot of attention has been shed on executives pay. Gender disparity in earnings deserves equal, if not more attention.

If you are female and earning less for doing the same work as your male counterpart, would you do anything to rectify it? If you are male and aware of pay disparity how would you react? What is your story?

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