HIV/AIDS and the Workplace


Today is World AIDS Day.

The HIV epidemic is mind-boggling; 33.4 million are infected globally.

In Australia, over 16,700 Australians are living with HIV, with an estimated 20 new infections daily. According to a research by LaTrobe University 54.7% of  people infected with HIV are in paid employment, with the majority in full-time work (37.4% of total sample). With the high incidence of HIV cases, it’s likely that workplaces will have someone afflicted with the disease.

Fortunately we have very few incidences of HIV related discrimination in our country. Hopefully, people infected with HIV will never have to face discrimination of any sort at work. Besides, employers have no choice, infected workers are protected under various laws (e.g. The Anti-discrimination Act (NSW) and the Disability Discrimination Act) against discrimination.

On this day dedicated to highlight the scourge of the AIDS epidemic, it’s worthwhile to revisit the issue of discrimination and the rights of employees.

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