The Road Ahead for Job Boards


SEEK’s share price quietly crossed $8.00; it is no accident.

At a time when naysayers are at their loudest and their future most doubted, job boards appear to hold sway.

For all their limitations, two things worked in job boards’ favour. First, it helps that almost everyone knows how to use a job board. Our recent report revealed that even the most unlikely demographic group – senior executives – overwhelmingly endorsed job boards. Second, the alternatives, real or imagined, to job boards are yet to deliver consistent results.

So, what of the future for job boards and online recruitment?

This year’s Job Board Report will explore the road ahead. Also, we are increasing our reach and taking a good look at the NZ market. Besides, a number of industry personalities will lend their views on the constantly evolving recruitment domain. The report promises to be colourful.

If you are a job board operator or a recruitment technology provider submit your details to be included in the report. If you are a reader interested in receiving the free report next month sign up here.

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:


    Given the fantastic increase in share prices that Seek have managed, does this mean they’ll be hosting their annual Christmas ball again? 🙂


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