Five Must-Read Reports For Recruiters


Here are five reports well worth a look.

Flexible Workplace
Rubicor’s report on flexible work arrangement in Australian workplaces uncovered surprising insights. The vast majority (86%) of organisations have some form of flexible workplace initiatives in place, yet 57% do not promote the benefits effectively to job seekers.  Employers faltered at selling their EVP effectively.

Hunting the Hunters
CareerOne’s annual report is a comprehensive look at job seekers’ behaviour. Job hunters are segmented (called C1-7 model) into seven groups based on what motivates them to change employers. The report raises the complexity of job seekers’ behaviour and the endless possibilities on how to segment them.

Work Displacement
Macfarlan Lane’s Outplacement Benchmark Report highlights an aspect of talent management that is seldom given much attention. Using the net promoter method, the report finds that 77% of retrenched employees are unlikely to recommend their former employer. Given that workplace tenure in general are getting lower, whether separation is voluntary or not, employers ought to manage exits better.

HR Tech Report
There is a dearth of data on the adoption of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in Australia. The truth is that almost every organisation currently uses some form of technology to manage their workforce. The challenge for organisations is to figure out which technology will best meet their future needs. Navigo’s HRTech Report is a good start to understand the state of the union.

Diversity Report
RossJuliaRoss’ latest report laments the lack of diversity in workplaces across Australia. Surveying 300 ASX listed companies, the report found that female representation in boards is alarming low with 56% of companies having only between 0-4% female representation. The number of indigenous Australians continues to be abysmally low. (Note: The report is not available online, write to to get a free copy)

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Dear Julia Ross,

    The largest most diverse group of job seekers in Australia are mature age workers.40% of the population will be 55 or over soon and you totally disregard us (I have experienced it first hand). Your latest report is not worth the paper it is written on, I wouldn’t even bother to recycle it.


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