Voices: Calling Recruiters to Help Improve Supplier-Client Relationship With Employers

How can employers and recruiters work together more efficiently? What processes are broken and require fixes? How can the client-supplier relationship in the recruitment industry be improved?

Of course, there are no easy answers. It’s my hunch, though, that the vast majority of friction between employers and recruiters occur mainly because both groups understand very little of how the other operates. At Destination Talent we wanted to start addressing the many challenges and problems inherent in the client-supplier relationship. To begin with, we are going to mobilise and present the perspective (voices) of the recruitment community. To that end, we are inviting recruiters to voice their opinion on how to improve a wide range of issues including:

*  Tender/PSL process
*  Business Development & Client Visits
*  Contractor Management
*  Billing & Fees
*  Interview Process

All contributions will be collated and compiled in a booklet/report. The aim is to produce a guidebook to assist employers to work more effectively with recruiters. We are confident that employers will appreciate any efforts to improve communication, processes and the client-supplier relationship.

So, do you have a burning issue that you want employers to know? Do you have insights or Pearls of Wisdom that can help improve relationship between employers and recruiters?  If so, raise your voice, be heard. Click here.

Housekeeping rules:

  1. We listed a few topics, but contributors are free to tackle any subject (maximum of 250 words). The aim is to help solve problems, so try and be consultative.
  2. We plan to include 70 voices (the number may change) on a first come first serve basis. We may also extend invitation to selected companies to participate.
  3. We will try and accommodate all contributors, but there is no guarantee your piece will make it to the final report. Contributions not included in the final booklet, will be published online.
  4. We reserve editorial rights to edit or reject contributions. We will consult before anything is published.
  5. If you wish to contribute at a later date, book your spot in the comments section below.
  6. Entries close on 15 August.
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