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We started the VOICES project to give voice to the voiceless, so to speak. Our brief was to encourage recruitment firms to collectively raise their voices on various client-supplier issues. The response has been encouraging.

Here’s what Justin Babet, MD, Xpand has to say:

I believe that most tenders are way too long. What’s really important is track record, proven results and the ability to work together as a team.

Rather than 100 page tender responses, most businesses only really need 2 to 3 pages maximum (like a CV). I’d suggest having a think about what’s really important for you as a business and ask for evidence based examples and/or references to attest to a supplier’s match based on these criteria.

Once you’ve got your short-list, bring them in for an interview rather than a presentation (do you want to work with a good presenter or a good recruiter?). Insist that the person actually working on the account be in attendance! Easy to administer. Easy to respond to. Everyone can get on with business a lot more quickly.

The idea is to communicate to employers what goes on the other side. The goal is noble – it’s to solve problems and help employers.

Your voice is important, raise it today. 

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