Is Your Job Ad Worth Sharing?

Is your recruitment ad worth sharing around?

Below is a graduate recruitment video from Dare, a marketing agency based in the UK. Besides being a big fan of infographics, I think Dare’s story telling and presentation of company info is entertaining and useful. In fact, I think it is worth sharing around.

We live in an age of sharing. Social media thrives on sharing. But, it’s usually the good stuff that always gets passed around. Do you noticed that job ads that get retweeted the most are the ones which are either funny, clever or out of the ordinary.

Truth is the platform hardly matters. Whatever platform you choose to use – youtube, job boards, facebook, Linkedin (even newspapers) – it’s worth pondering if your job ad will be good enough to be shared around.  If it is good there are many (like me) who are waiting to spread it.

(Note: Interesting that Dare directs viewers to their Facebook page where even more information about the company is provided. Interested graduates are requested to fill a job application in a Word document.)

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