Talent Tidbits – Tackling Gender Inequality;Dream Employers; Information Overload; Work-Life Balance

Gender Equality in Workplaces: Consulting firm Bain takes a look at gender inequality in Australian workplaces and offered three views (inhibitors) on why this culture persist. I think setting targets, rather than just paying lip service to the issue, is the right way forward.

Information overload & work: Information overload is making us less productive. In Australia 49% of professionals report feeling dejected and frustrated at being unable to manage all the information; situation is unlikely to improve. There’s no doubt social media itself has contributed significantly to the information overload. Will we now pay more attention to the cost of being social?

Dream employers and dream jobs: RedBallon and InsyncSurveys released their first Dream employers report. The usual suspects like Google and Virgin populated the list. Interestingly or self-employment is #3 on the list. An alternative view thinks the concept of a ‘dream job’ is a dangerous delusion.

Referral works: “We’ve had over 150 successful referrals with over $400,000 paid to employees for successful referrals” – Christine Geary, Director, HR, Nestle. Full interview here 

Meanwhile, Hays new research revealed that 45.88% of Australians think work/life balance is achievable, but only if the employer is flexible. 

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