Top 50 Most Recognised Employer Brands in Australia


One of the question we asked participants in our recent study is – what name/brand comes to mind when you think of an employer you want to work for in the future?

This is a unaided attempt to gauge who senior executives think are the best employers in Australia. While one question alone does not address all the nuances and complexities of what makes a top employer, it is interesting to note which employer brands stood out in the minds of executives.

In marketing parlance ‘top of mind’ awareness is a way of measuring people’s recollection of a particular brand. The thinking is – if someone can easily recognise a brand then they will choose them over the competition to fulfil their products or service needs. Similarly, a lot of time and money is spent to be on the top of mind of job seekers; not to mention a whole industry being dedicated to promoting employers as the best places to work.

So, which employer brands are at the ‘top of mind’ of executives in Australia?

50 Most Recognised Employer Brands in Australia
The following 50 companies are the most recognised (arranged according to number of times name is mentioned) employer brands in Australia:

best employers

When it comes to ‘top of mind’ employer brand recognition, Google leads the pack (mentioned 113 times) even though the size of its Australian workforce is small. But Australian icons also featured prominently in the mix. Banking behemoths like Westpac, ANZ and CBA and consulting firms are popular with executives.

Overall, as expected, universally known brands featured prominently in the list. It is interesting to note that a total of 840 companies were mentioned as ideal employers, suggesting that the notion of an ‘ideal employer’ is influenced by various factors. Amongst other things geography and where an executive is currently located and works plays a crucial role.

Employment branding matters 
The truth is employer brands that can be recalled in the minds of job seekers have an advantage. Being a good employer is critical; being recognised is equally as important, if not more so. The first step in undertaking an employment branding exercise is to realise that you are virtually unknown.

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